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Pages to Print and Repro for the Workbook

Printing Instructions

  1. Run Internet Explorer (release 5 or later), NOT NETSCAPE!!!
  2. Go to: File/Page Setup on the browser menu bar.
  3. Clear the "Header" and "Footer" text areas. They should be empty.
  4. Set all the margins to .75 inches except set the left margin to 1 inch.
  5. Print the cover and copyright page.
  6. Reopen the settings: File/Page Setup.
  7. Enter into the "Header" text area:
  8. Then print the rest of the pages: click the third hyperlink in the list ("contents"), and print; then click the Back button and go to the fourth hyperlink in the list, print, go back, and so on.
  9. Have Kinko's (or your reprographics department) repro the cover on sandstone cardstock.
  10. The copyright page is the inside of the front cover; the cover is double-sided.
  11. The back cover is blank on both sides. Also use sandstone cardstock.
  12. The inside pages are all to be repro'd double-sided, too.
  13. Coil bind.
  1. cover
  2. copyright
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Chap 1
  5. Chap 2
  6. Chap 3
  7. Chap 4
  8. Chap 5
  9. Chap 6
  10. Chap 7
  11. Chap 8
  12. Chap 9
  13. Chap 10
  14. Chap 11
  15. Chap 12
  16. Appendix