Our employment policies

Equal opportunities

We are committed to creating a working environment in which every employee is employed and promoted solely on the basis of his or her merit and personal contribution. This is not only about “being fair”; it also makes sound business sense:  equal opportunity will enable us to hire and retain the best people, develop all employees to their full potential and use their talents and resources to the full. Diversity of people, skills and abilities is a strength which will help us to achieve our best.

Harassment and Unlawful Discrimination

We are committed to creating a working environment which is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.

We treat people with dignity and respect and do not tolerate action or behaviour which could be viewed as unlawful harassment or discrimination.  We all take responsibility for challenging unlawful harassment and supporting others who do so.

We do our best to respect local traditions and cultures. We try to be particularly sensitive to actions or behaviour which may be acceptable in one culture, but unacceptable in another.


Given our broad geographic footprint and our policy of employing local managers, we are culturally very diverse as a Group.

In terms of gender diversity, we currently have two women on our Board, representing 25% of our Board membership.

Below Board level, women represent 8% of our senior managers (being managing directors and their direct reports, or equivalent) and 8% of our engineers and contract managers. Our research of others in our sector indicates that these numbers are not unusual for our industry.

25% of the eight participants who will embark on our 2015 Global Engineers’ Programme will be women.

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