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With our broad geographic footprint, we operate across a range of different business cultures. But despite this geographical diversity, we have consistent ethical values which apply right across our business practices. These values promote honesty, fairness and integrity in our relations with our employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and the communities in which we work.

Our employees often tell us that they feel part of a Keller family. We like to show our appreciation for their contribution and to reinforce their sense of teamwork by offering opportunities to get together on a social basis, for example at Family Days, the annual Keller Ski Competition, our Keller Football World Cup or Safety Barbecues to celebrate good performance or achievements in safety.

Our shared values and opportunities to socialise help to generate a ‘Keller identity’ – the glue which binds us together and underpins the support, co-operation and common interest between our businesses, creating value and making the Keller Group more than the sum of its parts.

Keller’s Code of Conduct is rooted in these Group values. It provides all our employees with a clear framework within which to make the right decisions and explains the behaviour we expect from all our employees across the Group.

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