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What SGI People Are Saying

"The instructor was great -- fun, good energy level, patient, and knowledgeable in subject."

"This was the most effective use of hands-on I've seen at SGI. Great program! Most informative course out of Learning and Development ever."

"I will be more confident when using Photoshop. This will increase my value as an employee."

"Having the lessons on the web to work off made it much easier. Also, I can refer to the lessons on the web whenever I need to."

"The instructor asked us what we wanted to get out of the class and I believe each student got what they wanted."

"I really like the hands-on approach. A great class. I'll be able to use what I've learned immediately. I'm glad we had the opportunity to participate in a class like this -- Thanks!"

"Great content. Great instruction / pace / exercises. Very informative for Web authoring. This has been the best internal training class I've had in my 5 years at SGI."

"Teacher was excellent. Can't wait to try out what I've learned today."

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