Code of Business Conduct

“As employees of Keller, we all have a responsibility to create a company we can be proud of.”

Alain Michaelis

Our Code of Business Conduct sets out our minimum expectations for all colleagues, wherever we are based and whichever Keller business we work for. Our Code brings together three things to keep us safe.

The law

At the heart of our Code is the simple principle that we always follow the law. The trust of our customers and other stakeholders depends on our reputation as a law-abiding business.

Our ways of working

To make sure we follow the law, we have developed nine ways of working, supported by our Group policies, to provide us with a protective layer of information, guidance and support to ensure that we know how the rules apply to us.

Our values

Integrity. Collaboration. Excellence.

Beyond the law and our ways of working, we must always be guided by Keller’s values. Our values can guide us when we make difficult decisions. They ensure that we do the right thing for our colleagues, customers, shareholders and communities, often going further than the letter of the law and our ways of working.

Our nine ways of working

Keeping everyone healthy and safe

We believe no one should be harmed as a result of any work we do – so everyone stays safe and well.

What we stand for

We believe that neither employees, customers, contractors or any person should be harmed as a result of work we do or services we provide. We are strongly committed to achieving an incident-free environment.

We always make sure we have the right health and safety standards and procedures in place, along with the right tools and equipment.

We understand that safety is the responsibility of everyone. We make sure all employees, contractors and third parties are properly trained and feel confident to challenge and report unsafe practices.

We actively monitor the effects our work might have on health, and ensure everyone on our team is fit and healthy to do their job competently and responsibly.

We constantly seek to eliminate the causes of accidents and risks, learning from every incident so it can never happen again.

Why it is important

  • We care about people. In our business carelessness, lack of planning and lack of leadership, can result in serious accidents and even deaths.
  • Safety is at the heart of who we are and how we work. If we fail to implement the right procedures or maintain exacting standards of care for our people and the public, we put others in risky situations.
Supporting employees' rights and diversity

We value, support and protect the rights and dignity of the individual and the diversity of our people – so we are all treated with respect.

What we stand for

We believe in treating everyone equally with fairness, encouragement and respect.

We won’t tolerate any behaviour or attitudes that discriminate against anyone, or coerce, intimidate, bully or harass others, or threaten them with verbal or physical violence and we encourage people to speak up whenever we see such things happening.

We support every individuals’ human rights and refuse the use of child labour and forced labour under any circumstances.

We work together to create an environment where we all have equal opportunities to achieve our full potential, diversity can flourish, everyone is respected, and talent is recognised and developed.

We ensure that no employee is discriminated against due to their gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual preference or gender identity.

Why it is important

  • How we treat each other is fundamental to who we are and what we want to be as a business.
  • Abuse, exploitation, slavery and discrimination are opposed to all that we value and wish to uphold wherever we work in the world.
  • Where all our people can flourish equally, we know we will flourish. Making the best use of our talent will benefit our business, people and society.
Maintaining ethical and honest behaviour

We are always honest, act with integrity and comply with the law – so everyone trusts us.

What we stand for

We believe our responsibility is greater than simply complying with the law.

We believe in establishing enduring and equal relationships with all our stakeholders, because we’re confident that good ethics leads to good business.

We always set out to act in our customers’ interests, to the highest standards of excellence, never gaining advantage through dishonest or uncompetitive means.

We depend on the skills, excellence and goodwill of those who work with us.

We make sure their standards and practices are consistent with ours.

We never seek to bully or cheat our contractors or suppliers, and ensure they are fully, fairly and promptly paid for their services.

We are transparent in all our dealings with government and regulators, fulfilling our obligations honestly and promptly.

We educate and train our employees to ensure compliance with the law, including government rules and regulations.

Why it is important

  • Our reputation for integrity is perhaps our most valuable business asset. If we lose it through dishonesty or because we’re discovered trying to do something that’s underhand, unfair or unethical, we also lose our customers’ trust and those who work with us.
  • Just one act of dishonesty, and sometimes even the suspicion of it, can destroy our credibility, our share price, our working relationships – and our future.
Staying free from bribery and corruption

We always make sure we are free from bribery and corruption – so people know our decisions are made for the right reasons.

What we stand for

We believe in always doing our business legally and ethically. So we never offer or accept bribes, or participate in any kind of fraudulent or corrupt practice, even when not to do so would clearly result in commercial loss.

We avoid political donations and giving or receiving money, gifts or favours that could influence someone’s decision or be open to misinterpretation. We understand that offering or accepting proportionate hospitalities is fine.

We win projects fairly – even if others play unfair.

Our principle is to respect the traditions and cultures of the countries and communities in which we work, always applying the highest ethical standards and rejecting illegal activities.

Payments to public officials to carry out or speed up a process ('facilitation payments') are prohibited – but we understand that we should not put our lives, liberty or property at risk. If we feel coerced or extorted into making a payment we report the payment to our manager and local Compliance Officer as soon as possible.

We will not penalise anyone for refusing to pay a bribe, make a facilitation payment or engage in any form of fraudulent or corrupt activity, even if that refusal results in a loss of business to us.

We believe prevention is better than cure and have the right procedures in place. If we have any doubts about what we should do, we speak to our manager or Compliance Officer.

Why it is important

  • We are strongly committed to enhancing ethical practices worldwide.
  • Even if a bribe might be ‘customary’ and help obtain or retain a contract, any corrupt activity could seriously damage our business and our reputation.
  • The legal consequences of non-compliance, including large penalties and/or imprisonment, are too high to be ignored.
Keeping our communications open and responsible

We communicate openly, honestly, clearly and responsibly.

What we stand for

We don't hide information others should know; we don't disclose information we shouldn't.

We're clear and honest about our products, services, processes, policies, achievements and prospects.


  • we tell people what they need to know in good time
  • we always try to inform; we never try to mislead
  • we make sure what we say is accurate, appropriate, clearly stated, and clearly understood
  • we listen
  • we keep trying to get better.

We want our customers to know that we keep any confidential information or data we have about them safe and secure.

We don’t try to get information about our competitors through any unlawful or dishonest means.

We want our employees to feel respected and to respect us.

Why it is important

  • Clear two-way communication is at the heart of great teamwork and successful projects.
  • Information that’s unclear or misleading, not given when it should be – or given when it shouldn’t can obstruct progress and is potentially dangerous.
  • We need our stakeholders to trust us. What we say about ourselves and them, how we say it and when we say it, has a vital role in creating or destroying that trust.
Delivering excellent customer service and working with our suppliers to ensure our standards are adhered to

We work to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations – so they work with us again and again.

We ensure we build constructive relationships with our suppliers and they understand our ways of working and the standards we operate by.

What we stand for

We want our customers to trust and value the products and services we provide to them, meeting and exceeding their expectations every time we deal with them.

We go the extra mile to ensure the services and products we offer are consistently excellent, reliable, safe and appropriate.

We do our utmost to make it easy for our customers to contact us, dealing speedily, efficiently and courteously with their enquiries and concerns, being honest and open and taking personal ownership for solving their problems.

We treat suppliers fairly and work to develop long-term, reliable and sustainable relationships with our supply base.

We work collaboratively with our suppliers and listen to their feedback.

We keep to the commitments we make to our suppliers and record all agreements in writing.

Why it is important

  • Customers have choice and access to information that helps them choose. Our products and services must be consistently excellent in order to give customers confidence in the service we provide.
  • We aim to give customers positive experiences and leave them feeling valued.
  • If we do this, we will delight our customers and they will recommend us to others.
  • Building strong relationships with our suppliers will enable us to obtain the best value, service and quality.
  • We want to work with suppliers who understand us and adhere to our ways of working.
Working within the community

We act responsibly and respectfully towards the communities we work in – because we are part of them.

What we stand for

We want our work to bring value to the community, not distress. We are always aware of the impact our activities might have and ensure they are carried out considerately, with minimum disruption.

We care about the concerns of local communities and know how important it is for people to feel they are being heard. We believe in communicating, listening and trying to act on concerns whenever we can. We provide people with a complaints procedure and we take their complaints seriously.

We seek to play a positive and beneficial role in the wider community through charitable partnerships and by encouraging and supporting our employees to participate in community events.

Why is it important

What we do is an integral part of the community and the community is ultimately our customer.

Poor relationships damage and can even destroy our reputation. Good relationships win us goodwill.

Protecting our environment

We respect and protect the environment, and minimise our impact on it – so we safeguard the future.

What we stand for

We want to protect and improve our environment for the future, not destroy it. We choose to set environmental standards that require us to go beyond minimum legal requirements and we’ll continue to raise the bar for the future.

We make sure our suppliers have consistent environmental standards and controls.

We make mitigating our environmental impact a core part of what we do by building it into projects we undertake.

Why it is important

  • Acting responsibly and sensitively towards the environment and taking environmental issues seriously, is key to how we are judged as a business. The environment is our business.
Standing up for what’s right

We always speak up when we believe our ways of working are being undermined – so we uphold our ways of working together.

Our ways of working

Our ways of working are there to challenge us and ensure we work to the standards we set ourselves as a Company. They are also there to protect us and create an environment in which fairness, integrity and respect are the norm.

It’s the job of each of us to make sure that’s how it stays. We all play a part in keeping our values and ways of working alive and relevant in our day-to-day activities. Sometimes this will mean facing difficult situations when we must stand up and challenge behaviour or practices we think are wrong.

When this happens, it is important for all of us to know that we will always be supported by the Company. It can take courage to speak up for what is right. We want everyone to know that we stand behind those who find that courage.

As a company, Keller promises to safeguard all those who defend our principles and ensure no retaliation is taken against them. All we ask is that your concern is genuine. We treat all concerns seriously, conducting investigations and taking appropriate actions. Engaging in illegal activities or undermining our principles may result in disciplinary or corrective actions, up to and including dismissal.

What to do

We provide a clear and confidential process for people to report their concerns:

  • Try to speak up at the earliest opportunity, ideally to your line management.
  • If you feel you can’t do this, think about contacting one of your senior managers or the executives named in our Whistleblowing Policy.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable to talk to anyone at work, you can use a confidential reporting line operated by Safecall, a completely independent company that specialises in handling concerns at work. They’ll take details of your concern and send a report to Keller. Please refer to the phone numbers given on page 16 of this document.

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