Geotechnical community

Our companies take a leadership role within their industry by providing employees, customers, suppliers and potential employees with technical papers, seminars, field trips and site visits. Staff from companies throughout the Group maintain close contact with partner universities in order to share best practice and provide examples of their leading-edge engineering.

Many of our senior managers play key roles in the geotechnical construction industry’s professional associations and activities around the world, getting involved in writing building codes, specifications, guidelines, and industry-wide safety initiatives.

Wider community

In terms of engagement with the wider community in which we work, we are generally working for a main contractor, who is the party responsible for consulting with any community affected by the project. Our work comes at the outset of a project and we are typically on and off the project very quickly; and our job sites are often in remote locations, where we have no interface with members of the public. There are occasions when we are working in built-up areas or in proximity to the public, such as the London Crossrail and Victoria Station Upgrade projects, and on any such projects in particular we strive to reduce our noise and dust levels and to conduct our work in a considerate manner.

Typically, where we have some community engagement, it is by supporting our employees when they get involved with community groups and local charities.

Ultimately, we want to be a sustainable business which earns the respect of all of our stakeholders by taking seriously our wider responsibilities. Looking ahead, we aim to bring greater definition to our sustainability agenda, as we continue to invest in our people, technology, systems and processes to enhance both our business performance and our reputation as a good corporate citizen.

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