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Keller employs around 10,000 people worldwide, most of whom are working in front-line roles meeting with, and delivering for, our customers. We are only as good as our employees, which is why we want to be known as a responsible employer which people are proud to join.

As a Group, we believe in treating all employees with fairness, encouragement and respect and we do not tolerate any behaviour or attitude that discriminates against anyone, coerces, intimidates, bullies or harasses others, or threatens them with verbal or physical violence. We support every individual’s human rights and refuse the use of child labour and forced labour under any circumstances.

We promote working together to create an environment where everyone at Keller has equal opportunities to achieve their full potential, diversity can flourish, everyone is respected, and talent is recognised and developed. No employee will be discriminated against due to their age, gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual preference or gender identity. This is not only about ‘being fair’, it also makes sound business sense.

In addition to safety, technical and competencybased training, management training programmes operate at a Group and at a divisional level.

One of the ways in which we measure how well we are doing as an employer is to measure our staff turnover, and this key performance indicator for each Division is shown in the Operating review.


We believe that equal opportunity means hiring and retaining the best people, developing all employees to their potential and using their talents and resources to the full. Diversity of people, skills and abilities is a strength which will help us to achieve our best.

At the end of the financial year, the breakdown of male/female employees was as follows:

  Male Female
Main Board directors (inc. Non-executive Directors) 6 2
Directors/senior managers 168 12
Managers 1,174 128
All employees* 8,165 842
*excludes contractors

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