Our business model

In providing geotechnical solutions, Keller operates in the initial stages of the construction value chain. Whilst the value chain and construction process varies significantly from project to project, Keller is typically the first contractor on-site and the first off-site. Ensuring our work is done efficiently is critical for our customers in saving them money and providing a sound platform for the remaining work on a project.

Our projects are often for a short duration and the majority have an average value of less than £500,000. We work across the construction spectrum. Very often we will joint venture with a main contractor on a bid.

Depending on the nature of a project, Keller may provide insights into design and other phases of the construction process but generally value is created and captured principally from our groundwork activities.

Our products and services are not just about foundations for construction but are most commonly geotechnical solutions to complex construction projects from solving for terrain and water pressure in constructing a dam to the foundations for a major stadium.

We are unique given our market-leading positions derived from combinations of technology, scale and customer relationship leadership.

1 Our key resources and relationships


What we need to make our business model work.

Our people

  • High-quality project managers, engineers and operators capable of delivering world-class solutions
  • Strong local relationships with real trust from our customers giving us insight into market developments and allowing us to drive for high‑value solutions
  • Highly experienced (low staff turnover) means we are more reliable than the competition
  • Specialists, flexible to go to the toughest problems, ensure the customer gets the best of Keller

Our technology

  • Broad coverage for all geotechnical solutions giving us resilience to market changes and supporting us to lead on innovation
  • Keller unique solutions giving improved customer results and Keller profitability (see below)
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) capabilities to support digitisation of ground engineering

Our market focus

  • Targeting markets that value geotechnical solutions
  • Selective investment in profitable segments

Our financial strength

  • Strong balance sheet

2 How we create and capture value


Knowledge and capability sharing to build the best solutions.

3 Who benefits from that value creation


We create value for a broad range of stakeholders.


  • Local knowledge with global scale and resource
  • Provision of complex geotechnical solutions


  • Dividends
  • Capital growth


  • Employment
  • Qualifications
  • Global and local opportunities


  • Employment
  • Construction of facilities

Keller at a glance


staff world-wide in more than 40 countries


Keller at work

Worldwide contacts

Keller is in over 40 countries across six continents

From our history


Keller is established


Keller acquired Hayward Baker (US)


Keller IPO on London Stock Exchange


Acquired Mckinney (US)


Acquired Piling Contractors (Australia)


c.10,000 employees, Acquired Bencor (North America) and Austral (Australia)