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With a North America presence of over 60 years, Keller operates as the market leader with over 50 offices throughout the US and Canada.

Hayward Baker offers extensive geotechnical products and solutions across the continent. In the US, Case, McKinney and HJ are heavy foundation specialists and Suncoast provides post-tension cable systems. Keller Canada offers micro-piling, ground anchors and grouting services and a broad range of piling solutions.

Established by Johann Keller in Germany in 1860, the heart of Keller’s historical engineering capability lies in our EMEA Division, which offers our full range of geotechnical products and solutions.

EMEA now operates across 30 countries, notably in Germany, France, Poland, Austria and the UK in Europe, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, in South Africa and certain parts of sub-Saharan Africa, and in Brazil.

Keller has been operating in Asia-Pacific (APAC) for over 30 years. It is the market leader in Australia, and is well-established in ASEAN and India.

APAC offers ground improvement and heavy foundation products and solutions. Austral and Waterway operate in Australia specialising in near shore marine piling and construction, a technology recently expanded to India.

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Keller acquired Hayward Baker (US)


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c.10,000 employees, Acquired Bencor (North America) and Austral (Australia)