Our strategy

Keller's goal is to be the world leader in geotechnical solutions.

In 2015, we continued to make progress in delivering against our strategy. There are five elements:


Growing our product range and entering new markets, organically and by acquisition


We have a set of target product segments based on growth, profit and strategic considerations.

We also have a set of target geographies to either consolidate market position or open up new markets.

We maintain a short-list of potential acquisitions to help us access target markets, where required.


The acquisition of Bencor broadened our product offering to include diaphragm wall technology.

The acquisition of Austral in Western Australia, coupled with our existing operation Waterway in Eastern Australia, consolidated our market position in Australia in marine piling.

KPI Measure

Revenue growth year-on-year:
year on year sales growth, including acquistions



Building strong, customer-focused local businesses


Ground engineering is a local business that demands local expertise and relationships. We will continue to focus on and satisfy the needs of our customers at local level.

Our businesses evaluate the quality of their customer feedback (amongst other things).

Our businesses offer two routes to value creation: high operational efficiency and utilisation and/or strong technical differentiation.


Business units in over 40 countries provide local knowledge of both markets and ground conditions.

Business units with robust divisional and Group controls framework.

We have established a Business Development function focused on capturing our customer requirements and understanding our competitors.

KPI Measure

Return on capital employed: operating profit before exceptional items as a net return on capital employed



Leveraging the scale and expertise of the Group


Keller has globally leading expertise and a corporate structure that allows us to bring the best of Keller to every customer engagement, we will be investing in the tools and processes to make this more effective and efficient.

Synergies in operating model will be selectively implemented so that we don't lose local responsiveness.

Keller's scale provides security for customers and employees through resilience to risk.


In the last year, we undertook a strategic review of the Group that resulted in the following changes:

  • Merger of our Asia and Australia divisions (APAC) leading to greater capability and productivity in this division.
  • Business units are now supported by Group functions, e.g. Engineering & Operations, Quality, Procurement and Legal, to offer our greater support and provide more oversight of our operations from the centre.

KPI Measure

Operating margins: operating profit before exceptional items expressed as a percentage of revenue



Enhancing our engineering and operational capabilities


We are investing in connecting our global network of engineers and project managers to share best practices on project execution, equipment management and maintenance and technology innovation.

Our global supply chain is optimised to balance equipment utilisation with efficient transport.

We aim to be a leader and investor in new technologies.


Engineering & Operations function established, charged with building Group capability and expertise, to deliver superior solutions and productivity.

Global Product Teams developing minimum operating standards for the Group and sharing best practice.

We continue to invest above depreciation rates in our equipment fleet.

KPI Measure

Accident frequency rate: accident frequency per 100,000 hours; lost time injuries are calculated as any incident over one day



Investing in our people


We are investing in developing the talent of our employees to help deliver world-class solutions to our customers as well as creating opportunities for all to maximise their potential.

We continue to strive for leadership in HSEQ.


Executive Committee reinforced.

Talent development programme rolled out to our senior management population.

Global Leadership Team identified and programme of communications is in train.

Continued strong emphasis on safety improvement.

KPI Measure

Staff turnover rate: managerial, professional and technical staff leaving in the period, other than through redundancy or normal retirement, expressed as a percentage of staff in this category


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From our history


Keller is established


Keller acquired Hayward Baker (US)


Keller IPO on London Stock Exchange


Acquired Mckinney (US)


Acquired Piling Contractors (Australia)


c.10,000 employees, Acquired Bencor (North America) and Austral (Australia)