Case studies

Diaphragm walls: a first for Keller India

One advantage that Keller has as a global company is its ability to draw on worldwide experience and expertise to transfer techniques from one market to another to achieve growth. Keller India did just that in 2016 to secure its first ever diaphragm wall contract as part of the Lucknow metro project.

This is one of an estimated 800 metro stations planned globally for the next decade.

Securing and delivering the project was a real team effort. Keller Foundations in Australia and Keller Poland sent their diaphragm wall experts to India to help plan and prepare for the job. The global product team for diaphragm walls was also involved, drawing on experience from Bencor, which we acquired in 2015 specifically to expand our product knowledge in this area.

Keller Poland also provided a team of five to work on site and transfer knowledge to their Indian colleagues. But, as building diaphragm walls on a busy road is very different to a greenfield site, and the solution used polymer rather than bentonite as a drilling fluid, all the teams developed new skills.

Because the site was in the middle of one of Lucknow’s busiest roads, trucks were only able to deliver concrete at night. Reinforcement cages were prepared at the site but there was only a road width of 11 metres to perform the task. Keller India’s experience of adapting to these local conditions helped keep productivity high as per the contract estimate.