Hands-On XSLT

Accelerated Technical Training


Day 1

Chapter 0: Review of XML Basics

Chapter 1: XSLT: A Detailed Example

Chapter 2: The Big Picture: XSLT and XML in Context

Chapter 3: Simple Pattern Matching

Chapter 4: Pattern Matching with XPath

Chapter 5: Transformations

Chapter 6: Review and Summary

Day 2

Chapter 7: Server Architecture

Chapter 8: Advanced Pattern Matching

Chapter 9: Functions

Chapter 10: Advanced Elements

Chapter 11: Review and Summary

Housekeeping -- what this course covers, how it works, whom it's for

Resources available on the web

Setup instructions for the classroom sysadmin (Unix and NT) -- or do it yourself

Glossary of terminology used in this course

Printable pages for workbook

Note: These course materials have been tested and are known by their authors to work adequately with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5 and excellently with IE 6. Recent versions of Netscape, Mozilla, and other browsers have XSLT features, too, and may also perform satisfactorily. However, they have not been tested by us.