Eric Drooff, Chief Operating Officer, Keller

Eric Drooff is President, North America at Keller.

Nationality: American

Member since: 2018

Skills and experience:
Eric has been involved in the design and construction of foundation and ground stabilisation projects for over 35 years. He managed the successful acquisition and integration of Catoh Drilling, Inc. in New York; G. Donaldson and Geo-Instruments in Rhode Island; Geo-Foundations in Ontario, and Moretrench American in New Jersey. With a technical specialty in grouting, notable projects managed by Eric include North America’s first compensation grouting project at the St. Claire River Tunnel in Ontario; compaction grouting for seismic mitigation for the Paiton Power Station in Indonesia, and chemical grout ground stabilisation for the CA/T, C11A1, Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. 

Eric holds a BSCE from Bucknell University and he is a member of the ASCE Geo Institute, the Deep Foundations Institute, and The Moles.