A macropile® is an ultra-high capacity micropile, with high strength grout, steel reinforcement, and increased diameter over 300mm.

Macropile illustration

Common uses

Provide structural support


Typically, a steel pipe is advanced by drilling to the design depth.

The steel casing is inserted in the ground to design depth. Where the drill hole can stay open without casing, an open hole can be advanced to design depth and the casing then installed. Reinforcing steel in the form of all-thread bar or concentric pipes is inserted into the pipe and high strength grout is pumped in by tremie. The casing may be extended to the full design depth to provide additional structural reinforcement.


Resists comprehensive, uplift, and lateral loads
Can be a solution to heavy loads in tight access sites
Offers high load capacity that can be installed through various subsurface conditions

Quality assurance

Keller has vast load test experience in various rock formations and the ability to design in-house based on various subsurface conditions.