We want every person who works for us, or with us, to go home safely at the end of each day.

To achieve this, we are committed to effective HSE leadership and management, continually developing a positive ​

safety ethos of understanding, transparency and learning, and the promotion of healthy behaviours to help avoid illness or injury arising from people’s work or lifestyle.

Improving our safety performance

We are very proud of our industry-leading performance and improving track record for safety. And, holding safety as paramount, we continue to push for further improvement in pursuit of our goal of zero harm.​

The Group’s overall accident frequency rate (AFR) for 2021 improved by 42% to 0.07 per 100,000 hours worked, and our AMEA Division had an excellent year, achieving an AFR of zero.​

Our total recordable incident rate also improved by 32% in 2021 to 0.63 per 100,000 hours worked, meaning we had 37 fewer ‘recordable’ injuries.​

As our number of recordable incidents decreases, it is ever more important to identify and address near miss events that could have caused damage or harm. Year-on-year near miss reports are up and leadership site interaction is strong, even with the site access challenges created by COVID-19. 

Keeping our people safe

Our AVA incident reporting and analysis system helps us understand incidents and root causes and use the lessons learned to further mitigate risk. This system is supplemented by our Incident Review process that is jointly owned between our functions and operations. This provides us with a very healthy review of our incidents, an opportunity for our leadership teams to role model expectations and to share, learn and grow our culture collectively. A major focus area over the last few years has been the education on our key health and safety risks, known as our Work Safe 6, and the subsequent Group standards relating to these.​

We held a Platform Safety day in May to keep attention on the risks related to large plant and equipment. Collective progress on this topic has helped reduced rig topples from eight in 2018 to one in 2021 (not platform related).​

At the beginning of the year, a tragic fatality occurred following an accident on a site in Austria in which we lost a long-serving and valued employee. Whilst it has been determined Keller was not at fault for the accident, the incident has caused us to re double our efforts and we have continued to advance our safety programmes.

Responding to COVID-19 challenges

The local ebbs and flows of the global COVID-19 pandemic created additional operational challenges in 2021. We continued to provide guidance and support to our employees in line with World Health Organization guidelines, supplemented by local authority guidance in the regions in which we operate.​ ​

This approach enabled us to work in a safe and productive manner on sites wherever the local regulatory regime allowed, using applicable personal protective equipment and social distancing.​ ​

The Group has actively encouraged and supported employees to become vaccinated against COVID-19 wherever possible. In recognition of the benefit of free vaccination that many of the Group’s employees and their families have received from their national governments, we donated £300,000 to UNICEF’s COVID-19 Vaccines Appeal. This amount approximately equates to the cost of vaccinating the Keller workforce and their immediate families and will help UNICEF to deliver 1.9 billion doses of vaccines this year for frontline health workers, social workers, teachers and those at highest risk. ​​

Due to the multiple jurisdictions within the Keller portfolio, and the matter of personal choice around whether to be vaccinated or not, the company determined that its approach would be to strongly encourage and support our workforce in becoming vaccinated. Our approach to encouraging and supporting vaccination has been led by management at all levels of the organisation and tailored locally.