Improve bearing capacity illustration
Improve bearing capacity
Remediation solutions illustration
Low impact, low carbon construction

We are committed to better understand our contribution to sustainable development and work collaboratively with our customers and stakeholders to reduce potential impacts.

Containment illustration

It is often desirable to prevent the migration of contamination in the ground, or to prevent seepage from a dam or levee. Keller has a wide range of techniques that can be adapted to form an appropriate sealing or cut-off barrier.

Excavation support illustration
Excavation support

Enabling stable excavation and preventing movement and damage to structures and utilities.  

Stabilisation illustration

A range of solutions to strengthen unstable ground.

Marine structures illustration
Marine structures

A full range of services for the marine construction market.

Groundwater control
Seepage control

Controlling or preventing water seepage.

Slope stabilisation illustration
Slope stabilisation

Retaining soil in slopes and excavations

Monitoring solutions illustration

Monitoring structural or ground movement or environmental properties.