19 November marks International Men’s Day, which aims to champion role models and raise awareness around men’s wellbeing. So we thought it was also the perfect time to shine a light on our own fantastic men – as nominated by their colleagues around the world.

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“He inspires us by leading by example”

Kamaraj Pillai

HSEQ Manager, Keller Middle East

Nominated by Varun Chandrababu, HSEQ Manager, UAE

Anyone who leads a team must realise they are a role model for others. Mentor, coach, advisor, encourager, counsellor, supporter – Kamaraj is all of these, but most importantly he’s a good human being who cares for, supports and respects each and every person.

He influences our actions in a positive way and motivates us to strive to uncover our true potential and overcome our weaknesses. Many of us have completed difficult challenges thanks to Kamaraj’s support. He inspires us by leading by example, shows the importance of real team spirit and proves that no obstacle is too big. Thank you with a grateful heart.

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"I've never had a manager as great as him"

Greg Terri

Area Manager, Keller North America

Nominated by Ulrike Whatley, Administrative Assistant, Keller North America

Greg is an awesome manager and wonderful person. He is super smart, always understanding and here for everyone in the office. Greg is funny, kind, dedicated and a great family man. He always has an open door and treats everyone with respect. In my 40 plus years of working for many other companies I have never had a manager as great as he is. He makes working at Keller a pleasure.

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“Mark leads from the front and builds trust”

Mark Hooper

Group Financial Controller, Group Head Office

Nominated by Adrian Zilinsky, Head of Treasury, Group Head Office

Mark’s arrival to the organisation has had a significant positive impact over the progress of my personal and career development. I’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing those benefits shared in the success of my fellow team mates.

As an effective role model, Mark leads from the front in terms of hard work and builds trust through always being fair, honest and consistent. He represents a man of integrity and respect. In the face of obstacles or difficulties, his positive attitude inspires one’s determination to overcome challenges big and small. Mark’s positive influence has helped shape the team’s mindset to one that yearns for achievement, which will remain instilled for years to come.

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“I’ve learned a lot from him”

Norbert Michelic

Foreman and Operator for Jet Grouting, Austria

Nominated by Tünde Lorinczi, Project Manager, Sweden

Norbert is one of those people who sees solutions for challenges and not problems. He’s one of the most experienced operators in his field and I’ve learned a lot from him. My working experience with him was unfortunately very short, but for sure memorable. He taught me how work can be professional and productive, but fun as well at the same time.

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“Brent is a mentor for many minority and female employees”

Brent Byford

Director of Equipment, Keller North America

Nominated by Keith Segear, HR Director, Keller North America

Brent is a positive role model in everything he does, both professionally and personally. At work, he goes above and beyond to help his fellow teammates. He leads by example and is well respected by all levels of the organisation due to his hard work and positive leadership attributes.

In particular, Brent is a huge supporter of diversity, promoting our initiatives passionately because he truly believes in the issues. As such, he’s seen as a mentor for many minority and female employees. Brent frequently speaks up and steps forward when it comes to issues around diversity and inclusion and can be relied upon as the voice of reason.

Not only is Brent a great leader at work, but he’s also a great father and husband, going out of his way to ensure family life is at the forefront of everything he does. He works really hard, but he still makes time for his children’s school, sporting and extracurricular activities.

His wife is also a very successful professional and so Brent’s always ready to pick up the home duties to support her career. Brent skillfully balances everything to show that he’s a successful employee, leader, father and spouse.

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“Outstanding professionalism”

Muhamed Mesic

Senior Counsel and EMEA Head of Insurance

Nominated by Adele Chitombo, Assistant Company Secretary, GHO

I nominate Muhamed for his outstanding professionalism. He is always quick to offer a helping hand and assist in any way that he can. He is truly a man of the world, evidenced by the many languages he speaks and his knowledge of various cultures across the globe.

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“I learned from his accuracy, honesty and fighting spirit to be the person I am today”

Christoph Deporta

Product Line Manager Jet Grouting, Austria

Nominated by Silvia Reifer, Assistant, Brixen office, Italy

I learned from his accuracy, honesty and fighting spirit to be the person I am today. I can still contact Christoph at any time if I have any questions or need help, even though he's not my line manager anymore.

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“His generous charity work doesn’t surprise me at all”

Chris Salvant

Superintendent, Keller North America

Nominated by Andres M. Baquerizo, Vice President Special Projects, Keller North America

During initial work on the Miami Signature Bridge project, Chris realised there was a large population of homeless people in the area. Every day, when he came to the site he would talk to them and get to know them.

Then when the Covid pandemic hit and the general public was staying home, he noticed the homeless people were receiving a significant reduction on donations. Therefore, he and his family decided to cook dozens of meals (80-plus) for them every Sunday. Furthermore, he didn’t tell anyone in the company, as he didn’t want publicity or to receive financial help from anyone to do this. He wanted to donate and inspire others.

His generous charity work doesn’t surprise me at all, Chris has amazing energy and is one of those people who brings joy to your life when you talk to him. He’s always in great spirits and has an impressive can-do attitude that fosters harmony on every site he works on. I look forward to work with him for a long, long time.

Also nominated by Jose Martinez, Vice President Operations, Keller North America. Like Andres, Jose also highlighted Chris's charitable efforts in the community.

Chris is a role model for all our employees. He doesn’t waste an opportunity to teach and/or mentor any of our personnel. We always receive wonderful feedback from his crew and others regarding how much he cares and the interest he shows towards them and their career development. He encourages them to try new things and take chances to develop. He also coaches them regarding their finances and other life lessons.

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“Christian’s energy and genuine compassion for others is inspiring”

Christian Mazzucchelli

HSEQ Director, APAC

Nominated by an APAC colleague

I’ve worked alongside Christian for three years and, in that time, I’ve observed the unanimously positive impact he’s had on the culture of our business. Christian’s energy and genuine compassion for others is inspiring.

Christian’s humility, passion and positivity have a profound impact on those around him. It’s for all these reason that I think Christian is a wonderful role model for the organisation.

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“George is exactly the sort of colleague you want on your team”

George Magar

Marketing Coordinator, Germany

Nominated by Rachel Butterfill, Group Communications Manager, GHO

We don’t work in the same office, but we’ve worked together on the Global Communications and Marketing team for a few years now. I can safely say George is exactly the sort of colleague you want on your team. Nothing is ever too much trouble, he’s eager to help and of course is great at what he does. Whenever I’ve asked him for support – no matter how short notice – he’s stepped up. George is definitely a role model for how we should treat one another during the busiest and most challenging times. I’m sure my fellow marketing colleagues would agree that Keller is lucky to have him.

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“Matt takes the time to teach others”

Matt Vipond

Shop Mechanic, Keller North America

Nominated by Yuniel Rouco, Operations Coordinator, Keller North America

In my opinion, Matt is a true role model because he’s always positive, hardworking, respectful and has a good attitude. He’s always listening generously and helping us to come up with solutions when there’s a problem. Matt takes the time to teach others and shows that he really cares about helping us succeed.

“I can always rely on the entire team”

Keller Brno office team
Czech Republic

Nominated by Lenka Turcanova, Assistant, Brno office, Czech Republic

As the only woman in the team who only works in the office and not on the construction site, I often need practical information for my work that I don't have from my own experience. In this regard, I can always rely on the entire team of ‘my’ men from the Brno office. There is no colleague who is not willing to share his work experience in order to help me with my own work and support me. Since I can ask any of my colleagues at any time and always get help, I have to name the entire male office team as role models.

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“He’s not only concerned about the bottom line, but also the wellbeing of employees”

James Hind

President, Keller North America

Nominated by Joy Oseni, Compliance Program Manager, Keller North America

Under James’ leadership I’ve seen Keller transform into a progressive company that I’m proud to work for. He’s not only concerned about the bottom line, but also the wellbeing of employees.

He’s made himself available for me to share my concerns and even recommended resources that I can tap into. He’s approached topics like diversity and inclusion head on, and is not afraid to solicit help for his blind spots. 2020 has been a peculiar year filled with uncertainty for many of us, but I’m very confident that we’ll make it to the other side under James’ leadership.

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"He’s a mentor and good friend”

Andreas Körbler

Business Unit Manager, South-East Europe / Nordics

Nominated by Michèle Bayer-Puhanic, Travel and Event Manager, Austria

I was Andreas’ assistant for several years and during this time I learned a lot from him. He’s a mentor and good friend to me who has always helped with words and deeds. An intelligent, cultured and far-sighted person!

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“John has helped build my confidence and renewed my enthusiasm”

John Grillo

Project Executive, Rockaway, Keller North America

Nominated by Justine Lentini, Preconstruction Manager, Rockaway

In 2018, John and I were tasked to discover and develop ground improvement markets in the New York area. This was a pivotal point in both of our careers. Previously, John had become a cased-CFA and micropile champion and was starting over, yet he accepted the challenge with enthusiasm. While working with John, I developed a great respect for him as a colleague and friend. John is an incredibly smart and creative engineer; he’s patient and consistently made time to teach me in areas where I was less experienced.

John respects me as a colleague and listens to my insight and experiences, and also encourages my service in committees such as Women in Deep Foundation and Keller Women in Construction.

As a family man, John is very aware and supportive of balancing work-life needs. This understanding is crucial to support the diverse demands of my life. Overall, John has helped build my confidence and renewed my enthusiasm for geotechnical construction.

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“He’s given me more confidence to step out of my comfort zone”

David Peitsch

Chief Legal Officer and Ethics and Compliance Officer, Keller North America

Nominated by Joy Oseni, Compliance Program Manager, Keller North America

I’ve had the opportunity to work with David for over six years. Through his counsel and mentorship, I’ve had more confidence to step out of my comfort zone and I’ve been able to position myself for opportunities that have given me great career satisfaction. I’ve had several managers over the years, but he’s been the only one that has given me the room to be open, while still trusting in my abilities. For this, I am forever grateful.

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