Design and manufacture of bespoke monitoring equipment to meet challenging project criteria.

Rigs working at night on Keller's Thames Tideway jet grouting project

The project

Thames Tideway is the new super sewer running through London to alleviate the pressure on the existing system. At Victoria Embankment a new grout shaft is to be bedded in the Thames prior to the TBM works. This has lead to the requirement for a real time monitoring system to provide the data for the localized movement on the River Wall.

The challenge

Working over the River Thames in a public walkway, adjacent to a cycle super highway, close to major tourist attractions. To install a real time system which is water resistant and will be in situ for the remainder of the works sending data to the Getec monitoring website QuickView allowing the site and project engineers to analyse the most up to date data.

The solution

Design, manufacture and installation of bespoke Hydrostatic Levelling Cells and Tiltmeters to provide accurate 3D data of the River Wall. The installation was using a rope access abseiling team to install the cells over the wall with Getec staff supervising the works.

Project facts


Thames Water Authority

Keller business unit(s)


Main contractor(s)

Suffolk-Yates, A Joint Venture, LLC