What we do

Specialist contractor

We design and deliver geotechnical solutions for all types of structures that reduce material usage, carbon, cost and time.

In the project lifecycle

  • We are involved at the beginning of the construction cycle.
  • We work with designers and we are contracted to deliver groundworks.
  • We are one of the first contractors on site.
  • We leave site once groundworks are complete.

Competitive strengths

We bring the best of Keller to create value across the project lifecycle.

What differentiates us?

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Local focus

Our unrivalled branch network and knowledge of local markets and ground conditions means we’re ideally placed to understand and respond to a particular local engineering challenge.

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Global strength

Our global knowledge base allows us to tap into a wealth of experience, and the brightest minds in the industry, to find the optimum solution, often combining multiple products. This improves results for customers and profitability for Keller.

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The best solutions

Through knowledge transfer, development of existing and acquisition of new techniques, innovation and digitisation, our engineers have access to the widest range of solutions to solve challenges across the entire construction sector.

We take a leadership role in the geotechnical industry with many of our team playing key roles in professional associations and industry activities around the world.

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Safety and sustainability

Our experience of project contracting built over many decades, combined with our group scale, make us a trusted and reliable partner.

We have a proven track record of one of the lowest accident frequency rates in our industry.

We are committed to better understand our contribution to sustainable development and work collaboratively with our customers and stakeholders to reduce potential impacts.

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Assets and specialist skills

We invest in our equipment and people to ensure that we have the capability to respond to all client needs. Our engineering skills and experience combined with our equipment fleet enables us to offer and deliver value engineered solutions to our clients for all projects regardless of complexity. Our people and assets are mobile which means that we can bring together people and equipment from all parts of Keller to be a single provider of solutions for all groundwork challenges.

How we create and capture value

Opportunity management
  • Local businesses close to their markets and with enduring customer relationships identify demand.
  • A global network supports cross-border collaboration on opportunities (especially important for major projects).
Proposal preparation
  • Design engineers and cost estimators with local ground knowledge and capacity create optimum solutions.
  • A significant portion of work is won based on design and build tenders, and supported by global network for solution development.
Contract agreement
  • Commercial teams trained in relevant local laws set up contracts.
Project execution
  • Product-specific operations teams, often using specialist equipment, deliver efficiently and effectively (to quality and schedule) and respond to any issues that arise.
Feedback and learning
  • Project leadership secures client sign-off and payment.
  • Lessons learnt are retained and transferred to the rest of the group.

The value we create

We are delivering on our strategy to create long-term sustainable value for all of our stakeholders.

Our people are our most valuable asset and are critical to our success

  • Commitment to provide a safe workplace and promote mental health and wellbeing
  • A diverse, inclusive environment in which employees can thrive regardless of background, identity and circumstances.
  • Stable employment with opportunities to develop and progress, including internationally.

We continuously engage and build our relationships with customers

  • A ‘one-stop shop’ for cost-effective geotechnical solutions reducing the risk for clients of dealing with multiple suppliers.
  • In-depth knowledge of local markets and ground conditions combined with a wealth of experience through our global knowledge base.
  • Leading health, safety and environmental performance.
  • Stable business with a robust balance sheet.
  • Inherently strong cash flow characteristics.
  • A quality lender base and substantial facilities.
  • A 30-year history of uninterrupted dividends.
  • Continued growth opportunities.
  • Local employment opportunities, directly and indirectly.
  • A focus on the United Nations sustainable development goals where we can have the greatest impact.
  • A commitment to reducing the carbon intensity of our work and increasing the quality and granularity of our carbon reporting.
  • Participation in many community and charitable events locally.
  • 1CDP is one of the world's largest environmental stewardship disclosure projects, focusing on our impacts and work on climate change.