With diverse products, sectors and customers across five continents, we are the largest geotechnical specialist contractor in the world. Our unrivalled branch network, and knowledge of local markets and ground conditions, mean we’re ideally placed to understand and respond to a particular engineering challenge.

Market potential

Keller's market potential
A strong position but plenty of room to grow

While we are the world’s largest geotechnical specialist contractor, we still have potential to grow our market share in our chosen regions.

Our business units are designed to understand their local markets whilst leveraging the Group’s scale and expertise. This combination delivers the engineered solutions and operational excellence that drive market leadership.

Keller rig on Signature Bridge project

Diverse global market

Operating globally, in different countries and across the construction sectors from residential to infrastructure, gives us the resilience to trade through national cyclicality. The geotechnical market is estimated* to be around £40bn worldwide, which includes China, Japan, Korea and other regions of the world where we are not present.  In the countries where we choose to operate the addressable market is around £15bn. With a £2bn operation, we have a 13% share of the core markets where we operate today, and plenty of opportunity to secure greater market share.

Keller rig working at Wolf Point, United States

Variety of projects and sectors

Our projects are spread across all construction sectors and vary in scale, location, end use and geotechnical technique. Project values typically range between £25k and £1m, and are usually short duration with an an average value of £350,000.

Keller Self-Elevating Modular Platform (SEMP) at Cape Lambert

Diverse customer base

We have a large client spread which means we’re not overly reliant on a few customers. While we have many repeat customers over a five-year cycle, no one customer is more than 5% of Group revenues in a single year. We mostly serve as a subcontractor working for a general contractor; however, sometimes we also contract directly with ultimate client organisations.

Keller rigs at Urslau, Austria

Fragmented competition

We have three types of competitor. Type one is the global geotechnical contractor (of which there are three), but not all are present in all markets. Type two is general contracting owned. Type three is local competition with low overheads, operating in a small region. 

Kig site at Aquaventure, United Arab Emirates

Niche sub-sector

Geotechnical specialist contracting is an important but  niche subsector that commands higher margins than general construction. Typically geotechnical contracting is around 0.5% of the construction market.

Favourable market trends

Infrastructure renewal

Keller illustration of an airport skyline

As populations grow and infrastructure ages, there’s an imperative to invest in new and greater capacity. Geotechnical solutions are often complex and sophisticated and large-scale and cramped metropolitan environments can present additional technical challenges. We have the resources and skills to deliver to this scale and complexity, a reputation for delivery and the proven ability to team up successfully with our customers and partners.

Demand for complete solutions

Keller illustration of residential skyline

Geotechnical solutions increasingly require multiple products. Our broad product portfolio ensures we can design an effective and efficient solution while our project management capabilities mean we can integrate other subcontractors and deliver ‘turnkey’ contracts. This reduces the number of interfaces for our customers to manage and reduces risk.

Technical complexity

Keller illustration of dam skyline

The construction market is becoming more digital and sites are increasing in sophistication and complexity. We have a strong history of innovation. We leverage our in-house equipment manufacturing capacities and develop market-leading data acquisition systems to control and record our processes, and share information with our customers and the rest of the supply chain. We can integrate instrumentation and monitoring solutions and are Building Information Modelling (‘BIM’) capable.


Keller illustration of an urban city skyline

As cities expand they require more sophisticated solutions. Larger, taller structures need more technically demanding foundations to withstand the building loads and provide resilience against climate change and acts of nature such as rising water levels or earthquakes. We have a comprehensive network of regional offices located in major metropolitan areas.  This local presence keeps us close to our customers and the opportunities.

Development land shortage

Keller illustration of stadium skyline

There is a desire to convert more brownfield and marginal land. Geotechnical solutions are at the fore in releasing the development potential of otherwise sterile or derelict areas. Our world-leading geotechnical engineering team, broad portfolio and near shore marine capability, mean we can cope with the most complex challenges when working on brownfield or marginal sites.