At Keller, we value your experience and believe your individual knowledge and skills can help us when facing both big and small challenges. Whether you're a junior professional or a leader with years of valuable experience, we welcome professionals at all levels. Your contribution is integral to our collective success, and we look forward to the unique perspectives and skills you'll bring to our team.

What you can expect

We strive for excellence, continually aiming to be industry leaders while acknowledging and respecting the legacy of those who laid the foundation before us. We are committed to providing a fulfilling and enriching work experience that fosters an environment conducive to nurturing your talents and promoting continuous improvement. Collaborating with exceptional colleagues, you'll have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of captivating projects.

When you become part of the Keller team, you'll find a place for your professional growth and development. We offer access to valuable learning opportunities and the chance to work alongside highly qualified professionals. Engaging in projects of significant importance, you'll encounter unique challenges that will broaden your knowledge and expand your skill set.

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phil dowland hseq manager

Phil Dowland

HSEQ Manager

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