At Keller, we already have a strong, established culture of keeping our people physically safe. To build on these strong foundations, we have increased our focus on all aspects of our people’s wellbeing.

We believe that prioritising wellbeing not only enhances our employees’ health and happiness, it makes good business sense, improving resilience, productivity and performance.

Our Foundations of Wellbeing

Our Foundations of Wellbeing is a global framework which explains our overall approach to wellbeing at Keller. These Foundations underpin everything we do and we give equal focus to each of them.

To equip our leaders with the tools to carry out wellbeing in a strategic way, we also have a Wellbeing toolkit, based on best practice specific in our industry. Driving wellbeing means supporting our people’s unique and individual needs.

View our global wellbeing framework

Keller Australia employees wearing TradeMutt PPE

Mental health

Mental health and resilience training for leaders 

As part of Suicide Prevention Day, we delivered a training webcast to the extended leadership team which emphasised the importance of mental health and resilience. The training offered practical tips on how to create the right conditions to optimise personal and team performance. It also focused on how to spot and respond to warning signs relating to suicide.

Kickstarting conversations through PPE

Keller Australia is helping colleagues kickstart conversations about mental health – and it’s all down to some eye-catching workwear.

Read about the initiative.

Case study

Keller Singapore wins wellbeing award

The country’s Workplace Safety and Health Council has recognised Keller as an employer of choice for its exemplary approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Keller Singapore receiving wellbeing award

While Singapore is renowned for its demanding work culture, Keller has long recognised the importance of promoting employee welfare. A wellness committee was set up in 2015 and, along with the safety team, has been very active ever since, running a wide range of health, safety and wellbeing activities.

Those efforts were recognised at the government’s Workplace Safety and Health Council Awards 2023, with Keller winning the Culture of Acceptance, Respect and Empathy (CARE) Award.

“Winning this prestigious national award reaffirms that we’re on the right track and helps to energise our passion and belief,” 
says Seah Yeow Teck, General Manager.

“Keller Singapore believes in Keller’s own wellbeing framework of Body, Mind, Community, Growth and Financial Security. The journey is not always smooth sailing but our team has been pushing on, strongly believing in the positivity that it brings.”

Over the years the wellness committee and safety team have organised group exercise sessions, lunchtime games and a wide range of other activities. Employees also benefit from educational sponsorship and wellness-focused training, such as psychological first aid.

To win the award, Keller had to provide evidence of the company’s safety, health and mental wellbeing programmes and how they increase the performance and awareness of the workforce.

The Workplace Safety and Health Council is a statutory body that works closely with the industry, unions, professionals, trade associations and other government agencies 
to raise health and safety standards.

Winning this prestigious national award reaffirms that we’re on the right track and helps to energise our passion and belief,” 

Seah Yeow Teck

General Manager