We structure our approach to ESG and sustainability according to the four Ps:

Keller’s four Ps

Sustainable development goals

Beneath each of the four Ps, we align our initiatives to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These provide a common language for us to communicate sustainability initiatives to our stakeholders worldwide.

Of the 17 SDGs, we specifically focus on those that are most closely aligned to Keller’s core business and where we can have the greatest impact. 

In terms of global initiatives, under Planet we focus on carbon reduction (SDG 13), under People, we focus on safety (SDG 3) and gender equality (SDG 5); and under Principles we focus on good governance (SDG 16).

In addition there are a number of other SDG initiatives that are being supported at local business level that are relevant and appropriate to their community context.
We then have a number of local initiatives, where our business units can focus on the sustainability goals that are most relevant to our local markets.